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DV=Hybrid (wip2) DV=Hybrid (wip2)

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good, good, and um good!

bring down the levels on the distorted bass just a tad; the dirty clipping technique fits the style but you're losing a bit of that oomph from just a bit too much. Filters, drops, and that choir all sound great. Personally, I would either beef up the existing bass or add in a lower freq melody (string/choir/piano) to help fill in the empty feeling on the more chaotic parts (the distortion at the end had a nice thickness to it) unless that fragile empty soundscape is what you had intended. Stick with something simple if you do though. Keep what you have, this was the first piece I've listened from ya but I'm definitely into your style.

**1:48 with the choir losing control was by far my favorite part :)

Deathkavaderva responds:

thanks man that was a helpful review for me, i can tell you listened to it closely:P. yeah i get what you mean by adding a lower freq melody with strings or whatever in the chaotic because the pad i used is written in very high octaves. yeah ill turn down the distort on the bass and bring up the sub for more oomph. thanks for the review man.1:48 is my fave too.